Of Wanderings and Explorations

This all started as a simple personal home page that then gained a photo gallery in a time when such things were not common on the web. There was a travel directory too and that is now a sort of travelogue. Lastly, there is a blog celebrating what has delighted me while walking or cycling through alluring and soothing countryside.

My interests have changed all the while too. Over time, my photography became more serious and hillwalking followed on from plain strolling. The photo gallery and the blog developed with them. Destinations all over Britain and Ireland have offered inspiration and delight. There were occasional forays to the Isle of Man too and a more recent life change has opened up the prospect of overseas travel. Photos from trips to Sweden, Iceland and Switzerland have appeared in the gallery and pondering those escapades is expanding the travel section. Still, neither do I have any wish to ignore the appeal of the places that I have wandered for so long and those explorations should continue too.

As ever, changes are likely to continue so I hope that you have enjoyed what you seen so far. Might it inspire you to do some exploring of your own? Only you can answer that...