Various Deliberations

There is a back-handed wish associated with the Chinese: may you live in interesting times. That can be how it currently feels in global affairs these days so I started this as a means of dealing with the disquiet that the ongoing upheaval is causing. Since then, other nicer things are being added so I might overhaul things in time. It is god to release oneself from life’s stresses and strains too.


Afon Llugwy, Capel Curig, Conwy, Wales

One of the things that has struck me about Wales is how many know each other. It does appear that a certain sense of community that has been lost from other parts of Britain still soldiers on there. I might have put it down to my passing through rural communities that are away from the beaten track but I have seen that it exists down the valleys in the south of the principality too. Welsh is spoken a lot too and my grasp of the language is very limited so many conversations could be going on in my presence without my understanding their contents even if I was to overhear them. Even so, I am sure that various events and happenings are part and parcel of what gets discussed. In line with that sentiment, here are a few collections of websites sharing the news for all of Wales and its individual areas. I hope that they have their uses, if only for making conversation.


National News

Local News: Carmarthenshire

Local News: Ceredigion

Local News: Conwy & Gwynedd

Local News: Denbighshire & Wrexham

Local News: Flintshire

Local News: Monmouthshire

Local News: Pembrokeshire

Local News: Powys

Local News: South Wales