Various Deliberations

There is a back-handed wish associated with the Chinese: may you live in interesting times. That can be how it currently feels in global affairs these days so I started this as a means of dealing with the disquiet that the ongoing upheaval is causing. Since then, other nicer things are being added so I might overhaul things in time. It is god to release oneself from life’s stresses and strains too.

Songs & Poems

View of Danethorn Hollow from Shutlingsloe, Wildboarclough, Cheshire, England

This may seem a strange thing to find here but there are occasions when we need to read what others have wrote and that includes songs and poems. These capture sentiments that do need to be pondered and shared. Some are happy while others are more reflective. In times of change, it is handy to add thoughts of those from other eras to our experiences. It is very easy to get caught up in a moment when it is ephemeral and that is worth remembering when life throws challenges and unpleasantness in our direction.