Outdoor Discoveries

What originally was a news section for the rest of the website soon became a place for me to write about human-powered wanderings in the countryside. Photography inspires me to get out there, mostly on foot these days, though cycling got me started. Musings on the wider context of outdoor activity complete the picture, so I hope that there is something of interest in all that you find here. Thank you for coming!

Site updates…

1st August 2006

Over the last while, I have changing the look and feel of the website in any evolutionary manner. I suppose that it is a sort of rolling redesign. It has not been limited to appearances since there have been some back end changes too. These include making XHTML and CSS standards compliant: I need to keep it up now. The other change is to make increasing use of XML behind the scenes and automate web page creation and delivery (makes things easier to manage). One product of this back-end work is the addition of a search box to the bottom of every page. This is a home-built effort, replacing the Google one that I used to use. Somehow, Google doesn’t seem to be making much headway in indexing my site though I have made life easier for Googlebot by removing some of the obstacles over the last few months. Maybe, there’s still a way to go yet… Anyway, I decided to create my own index and this is what you can search. And as you might have guessed, index creation is automated as well.

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