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What originally was a news section for the rest of the website soon became a place for me to write about human-powered wanderings in the countryside. Photography inspires me to get out there, mostly on foot these days, though cycling got me started. Musings on the wider context of outdoor activity complete the picture, so I hope that there is something of interest in all that you find here. Thank you for coming!

Quite a scary bus ride

14th July 2007

I was riding on a bus recently and observed some unbelievable driving. I am not going to share too many details apart from it being the last bus home to Macclesfield from somewhere else. To say the least, it was abundantly clear that the driver was interested in getting home than providing a service. I cannot say that speed limits were being observed judiciously and there were some instances where traffic lights were turning red but the bus did not stop. At one point, the vehicle was travelling on the wrong side of the road! To my mind, the quality of the driving was far less than I would have expected, and this was a lady driver. On a positive note, principal stops were served on time, with waiting where necessary, but I do wonder what would have happened if traffic police were to have seen this.

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