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A winter-only train service?

9th June 2007

Apparently, Network Rail is back working on the railway line between Macclesfield and Manchester yet again at the weekends. And finding out what they are doing is less easy than it should be; they must think it business as usual. In the now usual style, they have gotten to not telling us about the works; maybe they realise what we might say to them. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to tolerate this situation as much as we do. Since I moved here in 2000, there have been engineering works on this line on all but two summers since then, and 2003 was a full closure during which you’d expect them to sort everything out. To be frank, the situation is a ridiculous state of affairs and I just wish that it would stop and that they would keep away from the line for the next decade, safety-related work excepted.

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