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A review of mapping software

8th April 2008

It’s a slightly strange sensation to pick up a computer magazine and encounter a review of products relevant to the outdoors community therein. I suppose that it is natural given how computer technology has pervaded many aspects of our lives that a review of mapping software might sooner or later appear in a mainstream magazine such as PC Plus. As it so happens, its latest edition features a review that considers familiar names such as Anquet, Memory Map and Mapyx’s Quo while also bringing an unfamiliar name, Tracklogs, to my notice.

As is habitual for many PC Plus comparisons, a general piece setting the general context  takes up most of the article and, as part of this, they consider the differences between what is found on the web free of charge and what we tend to buy for our walking needs. The given overview is general in its scope and, where it does make mention of subjects such as route planning capability, it does so in not too much depth. Nevertheless, it could be seen as a reasonable introduction to the outdoors digital mapping market.

As to the results of the comparison itself, Anquet seems to score best in test and Quo gets a nod for its value for money, even if its crashes and the need to contact technical support get a mention. Another thing to note is that Anquet and Mapyx sell mapping data online while the others don’t. Memory Map comes out as being being the most expensive and it looks as if all that money is going towards a user interface that attracted favourable comment in the review.

In any event, I’ll be sticking with Anquet because that works for me but it remained intriguing to see the line taken by a computer magazine. However, a comparative review by an outdoors type might be even more interesting…


  • John Hee says:

    Tracklogs – one of the ones I came across for exactly the same comparative reason last year. Looked ok but limited based on its distribution method

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