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A spot of computing trouble

30th March 2009

Yesterday was gorgeous but I only got a few hours out on my bike so I stayed local. What happened was that mucking around caused by to a rogue DVD writer cost me most of the weekend, a pity really but that’s how it goes. However, it seems that I wasn’t alone because Mapyx have put out a new version of Quo only for their servers not to take the load when it came to downloading the thing. Like Microsoft with the beta of the forthcoming Windows 7, they had underestimated the amount of interest that would be aroused (which is probably good for them given the times in which we are living). There is no longer a premium version of the Quo software so it looks like all of the goodies might be available now for free. Saying that, I need to admit that I have yet to download a copy and doubts are bubbling up in my mind as to the wisdom of the upgrade. This past weekend’s misadventure is but one of the causes but seeing compatibility problems with using recent versions of Anquet’s software looms larger in my thinking (technical note: they might need to put out something more self contained rather than having it dependent on what you have on your system). Whatever I choose to do, I’ll make sure that I try to clear some space for an excursion should fine weather decide to visit us like it did yesterday. That "quick" piece of computer tinkering might need to wait for afterwards…


  • Martin Rye says:

    I was downloading the new update when it crashed. Pain. Got a email this morning saying they are sorting it. I like Quo. Had other mapping software but find Quo has all I want in terms speed, value etc. Technology is great till it breaks.

  • John says:


    Having mended my computer, I got brave and chanced the Quo upgrade. The download took an age but the installation has caused no strife and I snagged a full copy of the OS gazetteer so that I can hop around Britain using the search facility without any nags or anything running out on me. That was the only thing that wasn’t so swish about Quo Go in comparison to Anquet but it’s been sorted now. It would have been nice to have had it for free but £4.99 is not too high a tariff for something so useful. I only had quick look but nothing’s broken and all seems well. Yes, technology’s wonderful until it comes to working out what’s happening when things go a bit Pete Tong.

  • Steve says:

    I tried the download after the server fix and it works well now. Its much better than the previous versions and unusual to get something free in this day and age.

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