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It's amazing how things develop. After all, this blog started out as a news section for the rest of the website. With encouragement from readers, it has become a place for relating my countryside wanderings and musings about the world of outdoor activity. Walking, cycling and photography all are part of what I do out-of-doors and, hopefully, they will continue to inspire me to keep adding entries on here. Of course, there needs to be something of interest to you, dear reader, too and I hope that's the case. Thanks for coming.

Amazing what a little sunshine can do

May 20th, 2012

Somewhat infuriatingly for me, I am nursing yet another cold as I write these words. Was it the milder winter that made them more prevalent or are those long working hours finally catching up with me? It might be a bit of both in reality and, since it is overcast where I am this weekend, I am not feeling overly denied by my ailment.

In contrast, last weekend saw me summon enough resolved to get out and about. Friday evening saw me spend some time around Knutsford after work with Tatton Park and more looking gorgeous in the evening sunshine. Saturday finally saw me undertake a trot from Waterhouses to Hulme End along the length of the Manifold Trail after a few false starts. Much to my surprise, I completed the 8.5 miles in around three hours so I decided to continue to Hartington by way of Wolfscote Dale and Biggin Dale. The former of these looked so wonderful that walking from Thorpe to Hartington by the course of the River Dove is an alluring prospect that I’d like to turn into reality. Though my legs were tired, Sunday had its trot to too with a local itinerary taking in Tegg’s Nose,part of the Gritstone Trail and Hurdsfield. What seems very odd to my mind was that there was none of that weariness there on Saturday evening after I got home from Hartington.

Only for the cold, I’d be letting my mind ponder options for the coming weekend since we are promised warmer temperatures. Maybe the lack of those might explain why I am coughing and spluttering this evening as well. If some delightful weather does arrive, I’d like to be able to go exploring countryside after what last weekend brought. Well, I haven’t been to Scotland, Wales or the Isle Man since last summer and they can call again. Then, the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend starts June for us and it’d be a pity to leave that underused too. Hopefully, colds and flu will be a distant memory by then.

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