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It's amazing how things develop. After all, this blog started out as a news section for the rest of the website. With encouragement from readers, it has become a place for relating my countryside wanderings and musings about the world of outdoor activity. Walking, cycling and photography all are part of what I do out-of-doors and, hopefully, they will continue to inspire me to keep adding entries on here. Of course, there needs to be something of interest to you, dear reader, too and I hope that's the case. Thanks for coming.


9th March 2014

If you have been here before, you should see a lot of changes. After staying relatively constant for a good few years, the design of the previous website started to look a little busy to my eyes and the appearance of newer web design trends did not help the cause either. During the week, I spotted something from the good people at Twitter called Bootstrap and set to work looking at what the website framework could do and the result is what you see now. Once I got my head around it, everything began to fall into place and I got a techie diversion from other things in life. Rough edges may be spotted yet but there is time for matters like sorting those.

Even with continual fine tuning, the main focus on here will include those trip reports that I tend to crank out every now and again along with any other musings that I wish to share. Even though we find ourselves in March now, 2014 still retains many of its surprises and my hope is that some good ones will be revealed yet. 2013 had its share and I still have trip reports from last year that await writing. Hopefully, the coming year will offer its share too. Life brings its mixed of brighter and darker moments so the former are best savoured so they can be recalled when spirits need lifting. 2013 needed those too and didn’t disappoint either with that glorious summer. After all the storms that have come our way in recent months, we could do with one of those.

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