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Getting to know Norway: Part 1

24th June 2018

Another post has related what has distracted me over the last few months and that is set to continue for a little while yet. This is a venture that needs a little more set up time and some added oversight compared with previous working arrangements that I have had in the U.K. That means that thoughts of overseas explorations have been put on hold though the ongoing sunny weather is certain to lure me out and about from time to time.

Nonetheless, I am not ruling out any chance of such excursions this summer even if my current reading is more about research for possible opportunities about possibilities for further into the future. The Canadian Rockies and the Atlantic Canada have been of particular interest though these would be more expensive trips than the ones around Europe that I have enjoyed in recent years. Despite this, it is good to have some idea of where to start with what is a very big country.

The subject of this post takes back to the summers of 2016 and 2017 when Norwegian encounters came to pass. The allure of Norway had lain with me for a few years before that though, even when actual trips to the country were an impossibility due to personal circumstances. They were enough for me to collate an article on the place for future reference.

After trips to Iceland and Switzerland, thoughts of a trip to Oslo surfaced in November when I was left with annual leave to use after holding the days over in case ongoing legal works in Ireland required my presence over there. However, the short hours of daylight proved a deterrent even if relaxing a book of an evening would have had its benefits and explorations under street lights would have been a possibility.

Nevertheless, visiting when hours of daylight were longer brought their rewards on my first trip in August 2016. That was an extended weekend trip that left me wanting more and I returned in June 2017 for a longer stay. Between these, I got to explore around Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger even these only scratched the surface of what is to be found. This is a long country with lots more like the Jotunheimen National Park, the Lofoten Islands and Tromsø. Even around those areas that I did base myself, there remain plenty of unseen sights. Repeat visits would be rewarded and I am left wondering if Norway could become an alternative to Scotland in some ways. Given that involves quieter corners away the frenzy of everyday life, that may be no bad thing.

Given the perceived limitations of my previous encounters, there was a temptation to put it all together into a single post but looking back over previous ones about Scottish trips reminded my that I have split up such things in the past and it may help readability so I am doing the same here. There will be a mix of more leisurely strolling and boat trips to go with some longer hikes. Since this might become a longer outdoors exploration project, initial walking locations might be busier than what I otherwise would seek but such things need to start somewhere and I have spotted other options near them that could have their uses. It is not as if all opportunities in the featured areas have been exhausted.

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