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Wear and tear

29th February 2020

During my schooldays, I was accustomed to footwear wearing out after only a year. Even so, shoes often gained a second life for the purposes of knocking around at home. For some reason, it not matter if uppers were parting from sole units. Of course, better shoes were used for any purpose with added formality.

What has reminded me of this is that a pair of Karrimor trail shoes that I bought around this time last year is looking the worse for wear. Uppers are parting from sole units and there even is a hole in one of the soles. The presence of Superfeet insoles and my still thinking that the shoes have some use still keeps the things in use around the house. Then, any extra ventilation hardly hurts and I am resigned to the fact anyway; others may not be so accepting.

That is not to say that I did not set about getting replacements. One of the requirements is that these have no waterproof layering for sake of added breathability. It is a need that cuts down choices since Gore Tex is more often than not added to trail shoes these days. Nevertheless, I did pick up a pair of Hi-Gear Sierra walking shoes from Go Outdoors. The fact that they are being sold at a stock clearance price of £10 was a bonus and I now get to see their durability.

However, the delivery when it arrived was of the wrong shoes so a trip to Stockport to replace them was in order. Then, it was a matter of finding a box with the right shoes in it getting a cashier to do the exchange. That produced the right outcome and probably suggests that a store visit would have been in order in the first place.

The Macclesfield branch of Millets is being replaces with a Go Outdoors outlet anyway so that may be quicker and easier in times to come. As it happens, the Stockport store is due to close for refurbishment so some might need to go to Manchester or Sheffield instead if they want the benefits of wider stocking at a larger store.

So far, the new shoes are working out well for the purpose for which I got them. Heavier duty activity than walking paved areas or easy trails is all that I have in mind. The fact that I work from home these days means that I am more likely to use them given that my leather shoes only see occasional wear these days.

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