Limerick City & County, Éire

Given that I grew up in West Limerick, it has taken quite a while longer for an album devoted to the area to appear on here than for other places. As it happens, the Irish component of this photo gallery always lagged behind other places and that remains the case today. While it always remained an intention of mine to see more of my own country, it still has not been fulfilled to the extent that I would want.

There are various reasons for that and the big one is that many visits to Ireland have involved seeing family. That necessarily limited opportunities for personal exploration and that was exacerbated by my moving away from the area for education and work. Only visiting for short stays further reduced time for seeing places to photograph and the notoriously variable Irish weather means that you often need several visits to somewhere before you see it at its best.

As it happens, all the photos that you find included are of a recent vintage and that reflects how my life has gone in recent years. From 2011 to 2014 inclusive, the available of frequent flights between Manchester and Shannon meant that I passed through Limerick city far more than I did before that or have done since then. My still needing to visit West Limerick for business reasons means that I continue to add photos and I still hope to extend my explorations there. My parents may be deceased now but there remain people and work that draw me back again and again.