Yorkshire Dales, England

I wonder how many associate the word "dales" solely with Yorkshire without realising that it pervades northern Britain thanks largely to the past attentions of Scandinavian migrants and invaders. Finding it used on Skye (Bracadale on the west coast of the island) did come as a surprise to me but there are dales in Derbyshire, County Durham (some may opine that these are belonging to Yorkshire really) and Cumbria too.

My first encounter with the Yorkshire Dales came about nearly a decade ago when I spent some time In Skipton due to work. Then, I took the opportunity to explore Wharfedale by bicycle and my appetite was sufficiently whetted that I have returned a few times since then. Of course, there is more than one dale and I have savoured the wildness of Ribblesdale, the quietness of Garsdale, the splendour of Malhamdale and the delights of Wensleydale. Swaledale remains unexplored but restarting my Pennine Way walking project could see to that and there are many, many more smaller dales after that. Well, there's always something new to see and experience...