Mallorca, Spain

Normally, I am not one for visits to places with strong associations with mass tourism. The combination of reliable hot sunshine, sandy beaches by the sea and a hedonistic entertainment is not one that really appeals to me. After all, my own ideas of what I would call heavenly spots involve hills and islands with a sense of isolation together with peace and quiet. However, it may surprise some but that is there to find on Mallorca too so I sought a mid-winter sunny break there to dull any sense of Yuletide sadness following the passing of my parents.

Here then, you find some of the photos I made while on Mallorca between Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017. The trip certainly became a break from the hurly burly of a stressful 2016, so much so that a flu overtook me and knocked me over for the start of 2017. That was a strong hint that major life alterations were in order and they have been part of my story since then.