Mallorca, Spain

Normally, I am not one for visits to places with strong associations with mass tourism. The combination of reliable hot sunshine, sandy beaches by the sea and hedonistic entertainment is not one that appeals to me. My own ideas of what I would call a heavenly spot involve hills and islands with a sense of isolation together with peace and quiet. It may surprise but that is there to find on Mallorca too and I sought a mid-winter sunny break to take away from any sense of Yuletide sadness now that my parents are deceased. Here, you find some of the photos I made while on Mallorca between Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017. It certainly was a break from the hurly burly of a stressful 2016, so much so that a flu overtook me and knocked me over for the start of 2017. It was a hint that I needed a much longer break from normal life and maybe highlighted a need for making big changes to how I live that yet have to happen.