The photos that you find here were captured during a business trip to Sweden during July 2010. It was the second of two with the first taking me to Lund during February 2006. That offered little opportunity for exploring the said university town and the summer timing of the second one offered its chances when there was little to stop me taking them. It was a four day stay with the first evening coming up sunny I explored Södertälje. The second evening was rainy but that mattered little since I shared an evening meal with work colleagues. Thankfully, sunshine returned and I ventured into Stockholm with a loaned train travel pass for the third and final evening of the trip. Even without much research in advance, much was gained using a map acquired on arriving in the city. Nothing like this had been expected from a business trip and, at times, it felt like the sort of explorations that I do in my free time and it took more than five years for me to follow up with more international escapades, a consequence of the way that life goes.