My father passed away in early 2015 and that has allowed me to look at overseas travel possibilities that I otherwise would not have considered. Alpine and Pyrenean destinations flooded into my head along with others like the Faroe Islands or Norway. In fact, my summer break in 2015 had me looking at the Alps until I saw the temperatures and Iceland came to mind instead. It is from that single trip that these photos come and there was plenty of pottering about Reykjavik to go with visits to Þhingvellir (pronunciation: thing-vitt-ler), Geysir (pronunciation: gay-zir), Gullfoss (pronunciation: gool-foss) and Landmannalaugar (pronunciation: land-mann-ah-loo-arr); if you want to find out more about Icelandic, gt;Transparent Language have a blog on the subject with entries on a variety of topics with one being unusual consonant sounds that trip up speakers of other languages. With all the events dominating European continental news at the time of writing, there might be a return to those northern reaches sooner than I might have expected.