Akershus Festning, Akershusstranda,
Oslo, Norway

Akershus Festning, Akershusstranda,<br /> Oslo, Norway

Time is what needs to be spent if you want to learn the layout of anywhere and my explorations of Oslo became a case in point. If I had been wanting to make a beeline for Akershus Festning, the roundabout route that I followed was not the one to use. There were other places to see so the fact that I had yet to realise that there was a direct way to Pipervika from my hotel or that Oslo's city hall, which is near there, is just a short distance from the city centre was immaterial. Both came to me later that day as I started to build a better mental picture of the place.

Finding viewpoints for decent photos is another activity that needs a spot of patience. As it happened, the above photo actually was made while I was starting out on an excursion around Oslofjord by boat. Being that little bit away from the shore allowed me to fit in what I wanted to include and the boat was steady enough too. This was on a day of retracing steps and seeing places anew.

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