Domus Media, Universitet i Oslo, Universitetsplassen, Oslo, Norway

Domus Media, <span lang="no">Universitet i Oslo</span>, Universitetsplassen, Oslo, Norway

Domus Media was one of the first buildings that I photographed while in Oslo in August 2016. It is one of the university buildings that line Oslo's premier street and houses Nordisk Institutt for Sjørett (Scandinavian Institute for Maritime Law). Though other plans were foremost in my mind, the way that evening light was falling on this neoclassical building meant that I was not to leave it unstudied with my camera. Those other designs included a visit to a nearby branch of Tanum for an extra map and other impulsive purchases that marked my first visit to Norway. Then, it was the Slottet (or Royal Palace) that was my next destination on a stroll that would keep my busy for a good few hours before I retired for the night.

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