Site Map

This all started as a simple personal home page that then gained a photo gallery in a time when such things were not common on the web. There was a travel directory too and that is now a sort of travelogue. Lastly, there is a blog celebrating what has delighted me while walking or cycling through alluring and soothing countryside.

My interests have changed all the while too. First, photography became a more serious pursuit while wanderings became as rural as they were urban. Then, hillwalking became an attractive way of savouring wilder parts much as cycling had been. After those, explorations once limited to Britain became more international with those of Ireland and the Isle of Man acting as staging posts for encounters with other places.

All have offered inspiration and delight. Both of these cause me to continue share these experiences on here is a way that other outlets like social media never could. There are times when a little added effort is deserved, be it processing of selected photos or a longer account of a pleasant experience. Learning from trip planning needs to place to collate it too. All come together to produce what you find here.

Life's adventure continues and may bring new delights to share. Much loved locations around Britain are not about to be spurned in favour of more exotic spots in Scandinavia, Alpine Europe or North America. There is much left to savour yet and there remains the possibility that the Antipodes could be visited yet even if they seem a long shot for now.

Of course, everyone has their own exploring to do and my hope is that what you may have found here might have inspired yours. After all, we all like reading each other’s accounts and that is how travel magazines keep some of us reading them. What we do then doubtless is very much up to us...