Travel Jottings

My wanderings are urban as well as rural, and several have taken me overseas around Europe and to North America. All have needed at least some planning: knowing what to see and where to stay remain ever present needs. That and remaining ever open to new possibilities have contributed to what you find here. Everything builds up over time, and I hope that the horizons continue expanding to mean that I can continue to share new things with you here.

Making Collections in Advance of Making Decisions

Lizard on Angel Island, California, U.S.A.

During 2018, 2019 and 2020, I spent a bit of time looking into possibilities for looking into North American excursions until they necessarily had to stop because of the pandemic. Having extra time during various lockdowns could have made for new articles, but turning lengthy lists of links into something readable is not an easy task, so that got stalled. In any case, there also were other activities that kept me away from doing such things.

Thus, what you find here are directories of places to look for more information about various parts of North America. They feature various parts of North America that interest me. July 2019 saw me head to Vancouver in British Columbia, so I have set foot on Canadian soil already. Nevertheless, Canada's being the second-largest country in the world by landmass means that there is a lot for me more to explore, and its size means that the scope of such designs necessarily are limited anyway.

My only encounter with the U.S.A. was on a business trip more years ago than I care to admit. That saw me spend time around Pennsylvania and Delaware, but those are not states that would attract me in the event of a possible return. The attractions of wilder scenery lure me further west, so California, Oregon, Washington State, Montana and Wyoming have more appeal. That is not to imply that America's eastern seaboard is off limits, with Acadia National Park along with mountain areas in New York like the Catskills or the Adirondacks.

That things are forestalled at the time of writing does not mean that dreaming is halted. Other information gathering continues, and a webinar brought Scottsdale on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona to my notice as a possibility for a mid-winter sunshine break. The websites of magazines like Backpacker and Explore receive continued visits because collecting ideas on an ongoing basis often ensures that their staying power endures. It is easier to remain patient when a mind is occupied.