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Éire & Northern Ireland

Becoming Acquainted

Special Places to Explore

Arranging Accommodation

Arriving and Departing by Sea

Journeys to and from Great Britain

Crossing Rivers & Reaching Islands

Hennessy: a Brief Family History

The Other Ireland

Kerry: a Place of Many Delights

A Wander Around Galway City


Starting Out Exploring

Going Deeper, Going Local

Exploring Some of Scotland's Cities

A Collection of Castles

Organising Places to Stay

Getting to Hills, Glens and Islands

Wales & Isle of Man

Planning a First Welsh Visit

Some Welsh Locales to Explore

A Few Words on Welsh Place Name Pronunciations

A First Manx Escapade

Organising a Manx Excursion


Constructing an All England Excursion

Cheshire: Ever Alluring, Maybe Overshadowed

Cumbria: Created for the Sake of the Lake District?

Northumberland: Still a Secret Kingdom?

Yorkshire: One Big County

Elsewhere in the North

Derbyshire: Not Just a Home to the Peak District

More to Explore in the Midlands

London: an International Capital

Other Things to See in the East and Southeast

Sampling Some Southwestern Sights

Towns & Cities That Merit More of My Attention


More Places to Visit

A School Trip to Saint-Malo

Channel Island Possibilities

Mountains that Cross Borders: The Pyrenees & The Alps

Pondering Car-free Explorations of American Wilderness

Wilder Parts of New York State

Alaska: A Land Where Adventures Can Become Expeditions

Summertime Canadian Explorations Around Vancouver, BC

South Africa: A Place of Contrasts

New Zealand: Faraway Islands with a Multitude of Delights

Practicalities & Inspiration

Thoughts on Planning

Hostelling: the handy frugal option?

A Look into the World of Hotel Groups

Preserved, Heritage & Narrow-Gauge Railways

A Spot of Portable Rural Inspiration

On Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Selected Travel Magazines

Work by Other Photographers