Ongoing Wandering

Life is full of journeys and it has taken hundreds if not thousands to produce what you find here. Many of these involve self-powered travel around urban and rural settings as I seek to collect enduring memories from the pleasing sights and soothing moments that I meet. Decades of wandering around Europe and North America has produced the included collections of photos, trip reports and travel articles.

My late parents gifted me a fondness for mountain and coastal scenery that has driven a growing interest in photography and the pursuit of self-powered travel. Walking, hiking and cycling are the means for more intimate explorations and never have been pursued for their own sake. For me, it is the wilder places that give the most satisfaction though city strolling has its place too.

All this started in Ireland and Britain where there remains much to see anew and see again. Even so, recent years have seen me venturing to other European destinations and North American explorations remain nascent. In all cases, my motivation remains unchanging so there is constant encouragement to see and experience more.

Hopefully, you feel likewise after what you find here. After all, we all like reading each other’s stories and that is how many magazines keep some of us reading them. As ever, what we do then doubtless is very much up to us...