A Photographic Miscellany

Bridge over the River Wye, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Loch Àirigh na hAchlais, Lochskipport, South Uist, Western Isles, Scotland
Uburen, Høgsfjorden, Rogaland, Norway

At the bottom of the page, you will find what this photographic miscellany has become: a set of digital photo albums featuring locations from around Europe and North America. Just click on the name of an album that interests you and I hope that you will something of value in there. Any photo in an album can be enlarged using its thumbnail image, and image descriptions have been added too.

The backstory is that this collection has been built up over several decades from small beginnings. At the outset, it consisted of collected scenes from places in Scotland and Ireland; the choices can be explained by my living in Scotland at the time and being Irish. Over time, the geographic footprint was expanded to include most of Great Britain, before going on to include the Isle of Man and other European destinations.

British Columbia was added not long before the ongoing pandemic, and it remains the only area representing North America for now. Once circumstances allow, I hope to get back to North America to sample more of its wilder countryside. The same sentiment easily could apply to any part of Europe.

The making of new photos is one thing that motivates my travelling, so there may be more images added yet. Since this is a living collection, it is worth popping back time and again to how things progress. For now, please enjoy what you find here and many thanks for coming.