Varied Surroundings

There is more to being human than travelling around the world sampling its many delights, and recent reading has taken me deeper into subjects like philosophy. Though I am a scientist by training, the humanities continue to appeal to me, and various life events have led me to explore them more than otherwise might have been the case. That is now the main thrust of what you find here, along with other things that have a use in navigating life’s journey.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Sometimes, it is good to be able to add clarity when spelling words, acronyms, computer addresses, vehicle registrations or other codes for others so that is why a phonetic alphabet has its uses. However, I often have found that just using the codes instead of the letters does not work well with everyone so saying "A is for Alpha", or whatever is needed, may be the wiser way to go. Not everyone uses these codes on a daily basis so they may not realise what they are hearing.

A: Alpha

B: Bravo

C: Charlie

D: Delta

E: Echo

F: Foxtrot

G: Golf

H: Hotel

I: India

J: Juliet

K: Kilo

L: Lima

M: Mike

N: November

O: Oscar

P: Papa

Q: Quebec

R: Romeo

S: Sierra

T: Tango

U: Uniform

V: Victor

W: Whiskey

X: X-ray

Y: Yankee

Z: Zulu