Varied Surroundings

There is more to being human than travelling around the world sampling its many delights, and recent reading has taken me deeper into subjects like philosophy. Though I am a scientist by training, the humanities continue to appeal to me, and various life events have led me to explore them more than otherwise might have been the case. That is now the main thrust of what you find here, along with other things that have a use in navigating life’s journey.

Songs & Poems

This may seem a strange thing to find here, but there are occasions when we need to read what others have written, and that includes songs and poems. These capture sentiments that do need to be pondered and shared. Some are happy, while others are more reflective. In this individualistic age, encountering the experiences of others forms a reminder of the universality of the human condition and that we are not alone.

It is all too easy to look in on other eras and feel for the hardships that were suffered, without realising that we have our own and need to relate to those of others. The companionability of human sentiment and sensibility can bring us solace and consolation when it is most needed. It also enhances our sense of empathy and compassion.

In these of intemperate public debate, we often need a refuge from the hostility. Looking elsewhere allows us to remember that there is more to life than this. It also can allow a sense of perspective that counteracts out getting caught up in a moment when all is ephemeral, especially when it involves challenging and bitter unpleasantness. These things do pass; their passage ensures that we never look in on other lives like the detached gods that we are not.