Travel Jottings

My wanderings are urban as well as rural, and several have taken me overseas around Europe and to North America. All have needed at least some planning: knowing what to see and where to stay remain ever present needs. That and remaining ever open to new possibilities have contributed to what you find here. Everything builds up over time, and I hope that the horizons continue expanding to mean that I can continue to share new things with you here.

Things Move Around

Nordkette, Tirol, Austria

Life changes and so does the world. There was a time when this would have been the U.K. section of this website, and there are various reasons why I decided to broaden its reach. Not least among this is the fact that my explorations now take in much of Europe, and there may be a spot of continent-hopping too in the fullness of time.

Otherwise, my wanderings around Britain are well served by its representative nations of Scotland, Wales and England, while Northern Ireland gains a mention in the Ireland section. 2016 may have seen some resurgence of the idea of Britishness, but national and regional identities remain ingrained.

Though we are in dramatic times, I prefer not to mention politics here, though it appeared in previous drafts of this article. For a number of reasons, I always find the national and regional identities more appealing than the British one, and that remains embedded in my thinking as I explore other parts of Europe.

Travel always broadens the mind too since we get to perceive the commonality of human existence, and that brings me to the purpose of this section now. Regardless of wherever you are going, there are always some common elements. You need a place to stay together with means of getting there and back as well as getting around while you are there. In addition, travel magazines often feature more than a single country, so information sources can be more global.

It is that global perspective that will drive things here as this section transforms from one with a predominantly British focus to a more international one. After all, the world is such that there is a need to take a wider view and not everything fits into neat categories either. Our times may be dramatic, but the planet is always there to be savoured in all its glory.