Travel Jottings

My wanderings are urban as well as rural, and several have taken me overseas around Europe and to North America. All have needed at least some planning: knowing what to see and where to stay remain ever present needs. That and remaining ever open to new possibilities have contributed to what you find here. Everything builds up over time, and I hope that the horizons continue expanding to mean that I can continue to share new things with you here.

On Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Bergen, Norway

At the start of the pandemic, the role of travel agencies and tour operators came into sharp focus. Many who were away from home at the time needed to return as quickly as they could, and having someone who could handle all the logistics proved invaluable. Though revenues were reduced, the same capability proved equally necessary during those windows when the more adventurous could seek to get away from where they had been locked down.

Now that we are near enough back to normality, many will be tempted to go for the do-it-yourself option on the internet, but we need to not forget those harsh lessons from a few years ago as well. For those more complex itineraries, having an intermediary sort out things for you remains a worthwhile asset. Here then is a list of ones to check out before an overseas trip.

Oasis Overland

Balkan Natural Adventure

Saddle Skedaddle

Alfa Travel

Leger Holidays

Exodus Travels

Walks Worldwide



B'Spoke Tours

Cycling for Softies

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Regent Holidays

Rainbow Tours

Pura Adventura

Hayes & Jarvis

G Adventures

Crystal Cruises

Lagrange Holidays

Cox & Kings

Go Andes


Rail Discoveries

Turn Wild

Titan Travel

Discover the World


The Camping and Caravanning Club


Ramblers Walking Holidays


On the Go Tours

Adventure Consultants

Frontier Canada