Various Deliberations

There is a back-handed wish associated with the Chinese: may you live in interesting times. That can be how it currently feels in global affairs these days so I started this as a means of dealing with the disquiet that the ongoing upheaval is causing. Since then, other nicer things are being added so I might overhaul things in time. It is god to release oneself from life’s stresses and strains too.


For an Irishman accustomed to such things barely changing, the cavalier approach to local authority areas that is abroad in the U.K. is little short of amazing and England has borne much of the brunt of various reorganisations since the 1970's. That makes the categorisation of local new outlets by borough or county a much trickier undertaking than it had right to be. Collating the national newspapers is a far simpler task than when you go local. There may be designs on taking away the feel of a big long list from what's below but it has yet to happen. In the interests of getting something set in place, I went for the less friendly approach and other things have got in the way of those plans since then. There may be a lot of scrolling but I hope that something of use is to be found.

National News

Along with the BBC, here are a selection of websites associated with what are regarded as the quality daily English newspapers. To get news for your local area, just use the navigation bar below. The BBC also has sections for local news.

Local News: Bedfordshire

Local News: Berkshire

Local News: Buckinghamshire

Local News: Cambridgeshire

Local News: Cheshire

Local News: Cornwall

Local News: Derbyshire

Local News: Devon

Local News: Dorset

Local News: Durham & Teeside

Local News: Essex

Local News: Greater London

Local News: Gloucestershire

Local News: Greater Manchester

Local News: Herefordshire & Shropshire News

Local News: Hampshire

Local News: Hertfordshire

Local News: Kent

Local News: Leicestershire & Rutland

Local News: Lancashire

Local News: Lincolnshire

Local News: Merseyside

Local News: Northamptonshire

Local News: Northumberland

Local News: Norfolk

Local News: Nottinghamshire

Local News: Oxfordshire

Local News: Somerset

Local News: Staffordshire

Local News: Suffolk

Local News: Surrey

Local News: Sussex

Local News: Tyne & Wear

Local News: West Midlands

Local News: Warwickshire

Local News: Wiltshire

Local News: Worcestershire

Local News: Yorkshire