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Perthshire public transport information

4th May 2006

I don't have a car so public transport is an ever pervasive interest of mine. Links to relevant websites appear in appropriate sections of my website. It should come as no surprise then that curiosity recently took me onto the Perth and Kinross Council website in search of timetables and other info. There is good collection of PDF downloads and much more awaiting the curious on its transport pages. Interestingly, the council organises its website by audience: visitors, residents, business. Peculiarly, though, public transport information is accessible through the residents section. Having a link to it in the visitors section as well would be an extremely good idea.

Update (2008-07-17): The link above has been changed to point at the current location


  • John says:

    The council website has been reorganised since this post was written and its new structure is now far more conventional. The result is that there is a new section for public transport information.

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