West Cork, Éire

Healy Pass, Adrigole
Trafrask, Adrigole
Folinashrone, Gougane Barra, Ballingeary
St. Finbarr
Bealick & Com Rua, Gougane Barra, Ballingeary
Com Rua, Gougane Barra, Ballingeary

Given how long I have been going on trips there, it's surprising that this is one of the newer albums in the gallery. There are photos made on film with a Minolta X-700 on a day in June 2005 that wasn't so promising early on but later turned out to be wonderful. Later on, these have been followed up with digital ones created around the heavenly spot that is Gougane Barra. Hopefully, these should show you something of the place. In fact, there is much to see than these and that should give me good enough reason to keep returning.

Cork is the name not just of a city (and one that has its own album in the gallery) but it is also the name of Ireland's largest county. That may explain why those of us coming from the south-west of Ireland speak of North Cork, East Cork and West Cork. In this way, it sounds a little like Yorkshire in England, and it also is like that county in that there is one cardinal point of the compass missing. In county Cork's case, it is the southern one while the eastern one is missing from the local authorities that run things in Yorkshire; it wasn't always thus in the case of the latter because the western one was missing once upon a time. West Cork extends from the outskirts of Cork City in the east and from Millstreet at its northern extent. That should give anyone plenty of exploring to be doing.