Domkyrkan, Domkyrkoplan, Göteborg
Kopparmärra, Kungsportsplatsen, Göteborg
Vallgraven, Göteborg
Palmhuset, Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg
Lake Mälaren, Södertälje
Looking towards Södertälje Canal, Södertälje
Fountain on Övre Rudansjon, Handen, Sodermanland
Årsjötjärnen, Tyresta National Park, Sodermanland
Årsjön, Tyresta National Park, Sodermanland
Tyresö-Flaten, Krusboda, Sodermanland
Öringesjön, Öringe, Sodermanland
Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm
Stadhuset, Kungsholmen, Stockholm
Riddarholmen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Rikstaghuset & Kungliga Slottet, Stockholm
Rikstag, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Kungliga Slottet, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
National Museum, Blasieholmen, Stockholm
Eric Ericsonhallen, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Junibacken & Nordiska Museet, Djurgården, Stockholm
Strandvägen, Östermalm, Stockholm
Husarviken, Norra Djurgården, Stockholm
Långängen-Elfviks Nature Reserve, Lidingö, Stockholm
Kyrkviken, Lidingö, Stockholm

So far, I have been to Sweden on three occasions and the last of these in August 2017 was for leisure while the others were business trips. Most of the photos that you find here come the 2017 outing, but two remain from the July 2010 one that provided all the photos in this section for a few years. There were none from that first trip to the university city of Lund in February 2006, partly because of the time of year and part because of how much work needed doing while there.

The 2010 visit was a four-day stay with the first evening coming up sunny I explored Södertälje. The second evening was rainy but that mattered little since I shared an evening meal with work colleagues. Thankfully, sunshine returned, and I ventured into Stockholm with a loaned train travel pass for the third and final evening of the trip. Even without much research in advance, much was gained using a map acquired on arriving in the city. Nothing like this had been expected from a business trip and the camera that I had with was less than optimal, but it was there and that is what matters now.

When I got to returning in 2017, banknotes retained from a previous trip were out of date and could not be used, so they were left after me in the hotel when I left. While I was based there, I strolled all around the heart of Stockholm and fitted in a number of side trips that included Göteborg and Tyresta National Park. There was much satisfaction along the way as I briefly absented myself from a career break where much time was to be spent at home decompressing after a traumatic summer and rebuilding myself for a new start.