City of Cork, Éire

Cathedral of St. Anne & St. Mary, Blackpool
St. Anne
North Channel, River Lee
St. Fin Barre
University College, Cork

There was a time when all the photos found in this album were made with the first camera that I ever bought for myself, a Ricoh 35 mm compact. That was what I did with money gifted to me for my twenty-first birthday while I was a student at University College, Cork. There is more to my associations with the city than that for there was a hospital stay there during my early years along with trips to a consultant ophthalmologist until later in my time in primary school. Following those and the gaining of my primary university degree, visits to the place were far fewer until I started using the city’s airport for trips to and from Ireland in late 2014. Since then, I passed through there several times a year and the photos that you now see here come from such trips in 2014 and 2015. These replaced those from that simple film camera during the 1990’s and looking at them again encourages me to ask if more could join them yet.