Harrogate & Knaresborough, England

Valley Gardens, Harrogate
Crescent Gardens, Harrogate
Cupid and Psyche, Harrogate
Montpelier Parade, Harrogate
Cenotaph, Harrogate
Victoria Shopping Centre, Harrogate
Nidd Gorge, Knaresborough
Knaresborough Castle

My first visit to Harrogate was in December 2000, when I was attending a company Christmas event in the Old Swan Hotel, made famous by its being the hiding place for Agatha Christie when she disappeared suddenly in 1926. However, the weather on that weekend and the camera that I was using at the time conspired against me when it came to capturing the place on film. A photo minilab that produced prints with a distinct blue cast didn't help either. To remedy that lack of luck, I returned on a fine Saturday during the autumn of 2003 to get better results and that gave me what you find here.