Hartsop Dodd, Hartsop, Cumbria, England

Hartsop Dodd, Hartsop, Cumbria, England

This was captured near the end of a day when a crossing over Fairfield took me from Grasmere to Patterdale. That gallop took me up Little Tongue before crossing to Grisedale Hause and Grisedale Tarn. That was followed by progress up a badly eroded path until the flat top of Fairfield was reached. There were designs on dropping into Patterdale by way of Cofa Pike, Deepdale Hause and St. Sunday Crag. However, the ascent of Fairfield must have robbed me of courage because I stuck with going over Hart Crag and Hartsop above How on the way down to Deepdale Bridge. That didn't mean that I avoided crags on the way, but my reward was the vistas that surrounded me and this one was seen on the more level way from Deepdale Bridge to Patterdale village. In the centre is Hartsop Dodd with Caudale Moor circling around behind it and Gray Crag to the left with Pasture Bottom between them and Threshthwaite Mouth partially hidden from view. In essence, this is an inexact reversal of a view seen elsewhere in the gallery.

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