Martindale, Patterdale, Cumbria, England

Martindale, Patterdale, Cumbria, England

Despite any initial appearances, this is a scene laden with illusions. It looks like it is in the heart of a large swathe of hill country when it is on the edge and this is a landscape too crumpled to host lakes when a large one not at all far away. This is the view from Sleet Fell, essentially an elongated flank of Place Fell, and looking in near enough the exact opposite direction will bring the eye towards Ullswater. Looking north, will remind you that the countryside levels off to allow plenty of farming around Penrith so being here can fee like a last hurrah before the fells are left behind you. High Street, which travels over some of the fells in the picture, may have a name synonymous with the Lake District, yet the old Roman road leads towards present day Penrith. There are contradictions wherever you look around here and even the snow-covered North Pennines peep in at the left of the photo.

It's being near the edge does have its advantages though because these parts are not frequented quite as much as those in the of the Lake District, so you have a greater chance of peace and quiet around here. Also, there are a lot of fells to savour the further south you go with Hayeswater and Haweswater being surrounded by these. It just goes to show that you don't need to travel far from a fell walking honeypot like Helvellyn to find a well needed space for clearing your head of the madness of daily life.

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