Pasture Bottom, Hartsop, Cumbria, England

Pasture Bottom, Hartsop, Cumbria, England

Once you get to it, this is one of the views from Threshthwaite Mouth that you have earned. My own journey took me over Caudale Moor before a steep rocky descent took me this way and convinced me that a lower level return to Windermere than one taking the fells extending from Thornthwaite Crag would be a better idea. Before descending further, I of course looked about me for one more time and spied an alternative ascent to the point where I was standing. It would start from Hartsop and come up Pasture Bottom like the more observant among you might notice in the above photo. Ullswater looms beyond with a fair collection of fells round about it. Subsequent recent walking trips have me identifying some of those fells in the picture as I write these words. Names like Birkhouse Moor, Brock Crags, Angletarn Pikes, Place Fell, and many others creep into thoughts and this is one inspiring part of the world too.

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