St. Sunday Crag, Patterdale, Cumbria, England

St. Sunday Crag, Patterdale, Cumbria, England

This is one view of St. Sunday Crag from Fairfield's summit and there is an inviting path going up and over it and Cofa Pike. However, Fairfield does have a steep cliff-like northern face, so you really need to be sure of your ground if you want to head from here to St. Sunday Crag. Mind you, a recent look at a map reveals a way around any difficulty other than proceeding in the opposite direction like what I have kept in mind for a while now. That alternative comes in the form of an informal path from Grisedale Tarn to Deepdale Hause, avoiding Fairfield altogether or offering another way up to it if you prefer. Now that I have seen the new option, it will compliment any designs on starting an ascent of St. Sunday Crag from Patterdale. Though airy, the sight of a well travelled path does inspire a little more confidence. Of course, a winter covering of snow makes it all very different though as a recent avalanche has demonstrated so fatefully.

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