Kinder Scout, Hayfield,
Derbyshire, England

Kinder Scout, Hayfield, Derbyshire, England

Rather than going straight across Kinder Scout, the Pennine Way follows the western edge of the hill and, while peat is still very much underfoot, it's a less troublesome journey than the original. It also means that your views are of more than mile after mile of seemingly unchanging moorland. Those western slopes, and their northern counterparts, are very much in evidence above; crossing Kinder remains no walk in the park.

Getting across moorland without flagging like that seen above was what gave rise to the Pennine Way's fearsome reputation and Wainwright was not in love with crossing these peaty lands either. These days, the Trojan efforts of path layers have contributed enormously to creating a better experience and saving the moors from the prospect horrendous erosion. Tom Stephenson's 'long green trail' would have become very, very brown.

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