Grinlow Tower, Buxton,
Derbyshire, England

Grinlow Tower, Buxton, Derbyshire, England

Ever since my first visit to Grinlow Tower late of a January day in 2012, I have been trying to include it in a pleasing photo ever since. The folly also gets the name of Solomon's Temple and I first glimpsed it on a snowy walk from Buxton to the Cat and Fiddle Inn more than a decade ago. It is to be found on the outskirts of Buxton in the town's Country Park near Poole's Cavern. As well as being sited near former quarries that are covered up by woodland, there also is a Bronze Age barrow or burial underneath it and that has been excavated not so long ago too. All of this is around 432 metres above sea level, so there are good views from here, and they are panoramic too in that they include not only the town but also surrounding hills in all directions. No wonder then that it is much visited and many go to its top to extend their sampling of those vistas.

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