Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire, England

Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire, England

It strikes me as unusual that such a striking piece of traditional black and white Chester architectural isn't some more celebrated edifice than its being numbers 29-39 on Chester's Bridge Street. The building is, however, a good example of the sort of thing that you'll find on Chester's Rows, with Eastgate Street being a particularly good place to be looking. One thing that should never be assumed is that these are timber-framed constructions that were prevalent in Cheshire in medieval times. The Victorians had quite a flair for this type of thing and imitated it themselves, a cautionary note when you realised how much the older parts of Chester date from then. More recently again, I saw a house in Wilmslow, at the other side of Cheshire, having its timber adornments renewed, and it was quite a sight when you see the pleasing effect of such decoration on the appearance of any house having such features.

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