St. Bartholomew's Church, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

St. Bartholomew

In a lot of ways, Wilmslow is a prosperous sort of place and one that benefits from being the sort of locality that attracts the well-heeled, be they high-earning footballers or well-endowed businesspeople. Well, there aren't so many places with an Aston Martin garage on one of its streets. Much of the place takes on the appearance of twentieth century suburbia, but there is one item from an earlier age: the main Church of England parish church down by the banks of the River Bollin that slices its way through the town. The current building dates from the sixteenth century and is found in a leafier corner of the town that is home also to the local war memorial, set in landscaped gardens. While I cannot say that I've been inside, the exterior looks grand enough for photographic capture and that's why it appears here.

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