Old Coquet Bridge, Warkworth,
Northumberland, England

Old Coquet Bridge, Warkworth, Northumberland, England

From the name Warkworth, you'd never work out the name of the river with a loop of which Warkworth sits; this is quite unlike nearby Alnwick and Alnmouth. As it happens, it is the River Coquet that rises among the Cheviot Hills north-east of Rothbury. It captures of Northumberland's differing faces as the waters ply their course from hills through a level coastal plain on their meandering way to the sea at Amble.

What you see above is the former main bridge into Warkworth and here remains a tower on its southern side too today. Scarcely visible behind it is the new bridge and I made sure that no vehicles were crossing it when I pressed the shutter release to make this photo. Picking my way from the heart of the village towards its church brought to me to the river bank where I followed the path that led me to this sight. It was the sort of fabulous May evening that was trying to persuade me to stay longer than a few hours. Maybe I should sometime.

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