Footpath to Doctor's Gate, Glossop, Derbyshire, England

Footpath to Doctor

Glossop is a pleasant sort of place with Old Glossop being especially endearing. That isn't all there is to the place with the moors of the High Peak near at hand though the town itself lies beyond the boundaries of the national park, possibly because of a nearby quarry (the same reason for leaving out Buxton). You might have to pass some industrial facilities to reach them, but that isn't much of a hardship. Keep going east, and you are thrust out into countryside like this. My first visit was on Holy Thursday in 2002 when I took up the weather's offer of a day in hill country. These are the more pastoral parts with the distant hills trying to show off the remoteness that lies ahead. The track that leads towards them eventually becomes a more testing path and that's before it encounters the Pennine Way. It was all interesting exploration on what became the first of several passages along this way.

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