Kinder Reservoir Dam, Hayfield, Derbyshire, England

Kinder Reservoir Dam, Hayfield, Derbyshire, England

If it wasn't for my reading the wording that used to accompany this photo before I went crafting the version that you are reading now, I wouldn't have known why I headed to New Mills on the day that I ended up paying my first visit to the hills beyond Hayfield. Apparently, the plan was to follow a bus journey from Macclesfield to News Mills (Arriva had the council contract for it back then, but Bowers fulfil the same duties these days) with train ride to Hope en route to Castleton. Was it what I saw on my map that changed my mind or the time needed to wait for the next train? Whatever was the real reason, I ended up following the Sett Valley Trail, the trackbed of a railway serving Hayfield that shut in the 1970's, to the old train station, now a bus stop for services to Glossop, New Mills and Stockport. The day was cloudy, but the cloud must have broken to light up this view of the dam of Kinder Reservoir and the hills surrounding it. It really made a jewel of a serendipitous visit, one that led to a few more and deserves to inspire more again.

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