Kinder Reservoir, Hayfield, Derbyshire, England

Kinder Reservoir, Hayfield, Derbyshire, England

It is perhaps impossible to walk through the northern moorlands of Britain without there being a reservoir somewhere in the vicinity. Collecting what runs off the moors is major means of supplying the water needs of domestic and non-domestic customers in England if my impressions are correct. So, at the western side of the boggy plateau that is Kinder Scout, there is a reservoir operated by United Utilities. These are the same people that supply my water and to whom I recently paid a bill, the first of two in the year.

Though a symbol of industrialisation, reservoirs often one of the few landmarks in largely featureless countryside and people like me seem to accept that they are there. That they have been there a while might be part of this but, cut out the damn, and it might be possible to make the construction appear like a natural water feature as I have tried to do here. The isolated and remote feel of the location only can help too and this is proper hill country criss-crossed with rights way linking places such as nearby Hayfield, Edale and Glossop.

After too long, I finally got to revisiting the location of an earlier photographic effort from a largely cloudy day and this is the result. Steps from that earlier walk, the first of a year and of a day in January, were retraced there is a lot to said for the route. The rough path up by William Clough links with the Pennine Way that meets the Doctor's Gate footpath down to Glossop. Both excursions making using of this had me encountering fading light towards the end of the walk with more of that experienced during the previous January encounter than in the April 2013 one.

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