Lamaload Reservoir, Rainow, Cheshire, England

Lamaload Reservoir, Rainow, Cheshire, England

Lamaload Reservoir is somewhere that I have passed more often than I have visited. Before 2013, I believe that there was only one walk that took me around there and that was a roundabout hike that took in Shining Tor, Cat's Tor and Pym Chair before following a contorted approach to the reservoir on the way towards Rainow and home. All of that happened one winter and I had missed a convenient path that made for a more direct route and that was what I used twice in 2013, at the start of June and at the end of September. The latter was when captured this scene, and it is one that I have glimpsed on many a bus journey along the notorious A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton. For once, I saw it while proceeding under my own power and the above photo is what resulted.

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