Ashes Hollow, Little Stretton,
Shropshire, England

Ashes Hollow, Little Stretton, Shropshire, England

The hills about the Long Mynd may be very compact, yet they do a good job in hiding away any sight of a bustling modern world. Here's a December afternoon view east from the side of Round Hill with the steep drop to Ashes Hollow being evident while the valley floor was capably hidden. These may be little hills, but such was the sculpting of previous times that steep-sided valleys were incised into the countryside to grant a sense of shelter from the rest of the world. All this caused a bit of dawdling in the sunshine as well as taking in views towards Long Synalds and Caer Caradoc.

When I did get going again, declining sunlight and a passing shower meant that I didn't glimpse other hills like Grindle, Callow or Nills in circumstances like the above as I descended to Little Stretton. Yet, there was little grumbling apart from a sense that limbs were growing weary. The natural sculpting of valleys like Callow Hollow or Small Batch was enough to keep my eyes busy. For a largely pastoral area, it does possess more visual drama than that for which many would give it credit. Maybe that's why so many enjoy it in peace and why I have returned to these parts since then.

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