Pole Bank, Church Stretton,
Shropshire, England

Pole Bank, Church Stretton, Shropshire, England

My first ever walk among Shropshire's hills saw me strike out for the county top of Pole Bank. It's not that high but having ideas like that in mind for a first visit now looks as if my ambitions weren't kept under control. After going up through Carding Mill Valley, I set off south but must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and got stymied by a rough path through the heather that died out after a while. Retracing my steps, I headed north before picking up a right that carried me around Haddon Hill to pass through the local golf course in declining light. That there was some bumbling was of no consequence, since no one should be starting a round of golf late of a winter's day anyway.

My next plot to reach Pole Bank's trig point actually succeeded in spite of a shower of sleet coming my way as I did so. It didn't take long to clear, and I gained views like that captured in this photo. The heather was well passed its flowering season since this was of a day in December. That didn't matter one jot when the sun shone to light up all around me and I believe that the hill across the valley might be Stiperstones, but it will need a visit there for me to confirm that supposition.

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